Keytec M1 Plus Gold

Printing Dimension 40 * 23 * 40. In-built battery with hybrid system. Graphical display touch screen, USB support, filament cutting sensor, and smart screen calibration. Extruder MK8. All-Metal Body with a filament roll. 2-Years guaranty.

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The Keytec Eco Series M1 printer is all-metal and made from the best parts available. It’s main advantage is its wide hot-plate work desk, all-metal extruder and height-adjusting technology. This device comes with an internal UPS that can continue printing for up to 2 hours whenever the power goes out, while having an internal circuit which protects it against voltage fluctuations. The device also consists of a filament sensor that indicates whether the filament has been used completely. The device also includes a full-color touchscreen and USB support. Other advantages include a large desk, hot-plate, all-metal extruder, automatic height adjustment technology and beautiful appearance.

Benefits and Features:

  • Work table dimensions: length 40, width 23 and height 40 cm
  • Equipped with an internal UPS
  • Continuation after a power outage
  • Filament sensor
  • USB support
  • Hot screen
  • High strength metal body with longevity
  • Low noise and vibration
  • High accuracy (up to 50 microns)
  • Equipped with an all-metal MK8 extruder with the ability to print every kind of filament
  • Automatic table-height adjustment technology
  • Graphical display and SD-Card support
  • With addition to:
    • One high quality PLA filament roll
    • 16 GB memory card
    • Spare tool and parts collection
    • Unique collection of ready-made files and hundred hours of training videos
    • Two-years warranty
    • 10 years after-sale services

Additional information

Weight 28 kg


Printing Technology


Print Dimension

Length: 40, Width: 23, Height: 40

سرعت پرینت

Up to 200 millimetres per second

Print Accuracy

50 mircons

ضخامت لایه

50 – 300 microns

صفحه داغ


Hot Plate Temperature

Up to 130 degrees centigrade



دمای نازل

Up to 270 degrees centigrade

قطر نازل

Optional – Varies from 0.2 millimetres to 2 millimetres

نوع اکسترودر

All-Metal MK8


Full-color Touchscreen Display

Input Port


مواد مصرفی

All filaments are available in the market

فایل ورودی

G-Code ، STL

سیستم عامل

android, Linux, mac, Windows

Body Type

All-metal welded with anti-scratch static paint.

سنسور اتوماتیک



سیستم هایپرنیت

سیستم حرکتxوy

Linear ball-bearing, timing belt

سیستم حرکتی z

Linear ball-bearing, lead screw

Device Dimension

45 – 70 – 70 centimetre

وزن دستگاه

23 kg

هدایای همراه

16 GB Memory Card, A unique collection of ready-to-print files, Hundred hours of 3D printing training videos, Spare tool and parts collection

Product Presention

This device is already assembled, tested, and calibrated.


2 years guaranty and 10 years after-sale services


It has 24-hours support and free training.


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