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What is a 3D printer?

A device capable of converting digital 3D files to plastic-made objects.

What is the use of a 3D printer?

Whenever there is a need for a piece of sample, a 3D printer is capable of fulfilling the role. From making models for architects, originally engineered pieces, frames for electronic components, sculpture and dolls for animators, 3D business cards, cartoon/animation elements, gears and other mechanical parts, robot body parts, toys, decorations, injection mold prototypes for mold makers, specialized and easily customized tools, to jewelry of any sort. In the near future, everyone will be using 3D printers for the sake of quick development.

3D-printed parts can be polished, punched, painted, etc. Make your artwork more appealing with the 3D printer.

How does a 3D printer work?

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers use a thin plastic called filament then melts them and stacks itself above the already printed filament. The process itself is automatic and doesn’t require much technical know-how. Some advanced schools use 3D printers.

What are the raw materials for a 3D printer?

Different types of filaments with different properties are available in the market, but the best ones are those which are easy to print and are affordable. ABS filament has a high mechanical property; tough and strong. TPU has a rubber-like property, making it flexible. POM filament has a low coefficient, giving it a slippery surface. WOOD filament has the same property as wood. PVA, PA, NYLON, PET, CPE, METAL, Glow in the Dark, etc. are different types of filaments with their own properties.

What is a good 3D designing software?

If you want to design an industrial part, you could try Catia, SolidWork’s, Maya, Fusion360, NX, and Inventor Pro.If you wish to design or sculpt something artistic or architectural, use 3D Max, Autodesk, or AutoCad. Sketch Up, TinkerCad, and Onshape are some good softwares as well.

Do you require expertise to work with 3D printers?

You only require general computer experience but with the help of our support team, you’ll gradually become an expert in a month.

How accurate is the 3D printer?

The FDM 3D printer is 50 to 100 microns accurate due to the type of process. The accuracy and quality of the print depends on the nozzle. Smaller the nozzle, the more easy it is to print small parts. FDM Pritner nozzles range from 0.2mm to to 2mm. Parts are stronger and printed faster when using a more diametered nozzle.


Note: It’s easy to change the nozzle, no special tools or skills are required whatsoever.

How long can the printer be used and how much does it cost to maintain it?

Keytec printers are all-metal which lengthens the lifespan of the device drastically, unlike devices made by Plexiglas. On the other hand, the only cost you have, is for the filament.

It’s recommended to lubricate the device regularly every month.

The device is made out of the best parts and if something does occur, it’s easy to find them on the market. The parts are affordable and easily replaceable.

How long does 3D printing take?

3D printing is time consuming and might take even days. Luckily for you, the Keytec engineering team has designed devices to work flawlessly.

All devices go through strict calibration processes before being shipped and sold to customers.

How much power does the device consumes?

The device uses upto 250 watts when active/printing and 20 watts when in standby mode, making this device eco friendly. This is a recommended product for those who want to start a business and provide services to their customers without increasing their own budget.

What is the maximum printable dimension?

The dimension depends on the device you purchased; Keytec Plus models can print 40x23x40 while non-Plus models can print 23x26x23. It’s recommended to divide large pieces into parts using a software, then printing them. After that, connect them through general means. (Glue, tape, etc.)

Where am I able to check the printing quality?

Visit the gallery to see Keytec product owners’ submissions of their own pieces. From high-strength industrial parts to very delicate and complex decorations. You can see the samples and print files in the Membership club but if you wish to receive a free sample print, send your address to keyhan3d@gmail.com

How do I get started with 3D printing? (Business with the company or Customer Club)

The member’s club is a good place to start a business with the Keytech printers. You can upload a picture of your work along with its G-Code file, specifications, usage, cost, and contract information; it’s a market for all extensive purposes. Show off your products and demonstrate your skills with the printer. Number of users gain money and points with their products, and if a member achieves a specific amount of points, they earn a PLA filament roll.

Can printed parts be painted and polished?

Yes, it’s definitely possible to paint or cover the surface of your printed pieces with numerous techniques like chemical sanding. The surface of printed products can be coated with pastry coating and more. You can also use colored filaments or paint the final product with painting products such as water colors, oil paints, spray, paste paint, and so on. Products can also be drilled to your requirements.

How is your after-sales service?

After purchasing a Keytec product, you’re issued a 2-year warranty where forums is enabled for 1 month, where the tech support will accompany you as you learn how to use the device. Due to the level of experience, the support team is capable of solving all your technical difficulties.

You will have online discussions and video calls with the engineers to help master the device quick.

For the device, you’re given a memory card with training videos, a well-written instructional guide and a lot of ready-made 3D files.

Spare parts and repairs will be provided and consumables, such as filaments, will be supplied in a collection.