About KEYTEC printers



KEYTEC M.1 printer is a new design that inspired from the 3D printer “Prusa” and produced by KSS (Keyhan Sanat Sharif) engineering group.The printer designed by native graduates of Sharif university of technology.


Hours of varied and consecutive studies,researches and testings helped us to observe a lot of technical details.On the other hand,with selling hundreds of these devices all of the technical problems has been solved and we provide a device that’s distinguished by high confidence factor.

Design & Manufacture

Accurate manufacturing, adjusting and standard testings for products

Reasonable prices

Competitive prices and high quality parts


All products offered with valid and applicable warranty

Training courses

Organizing special and practical courses

After-sales service

Get an exclusive support on your computer, mobile device or tablet


Practical instructions that include all your needs

Parts supply

Accessories and spare parts for all types of products

Raw materials

Supplying raw materials(coloured filaments,etc)

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